Celebrating those significant events…

We celebrate many milestones in our lives, from the birth of a child to the celebration of significant anniversaries and these are all life events to enjoy and to celebrate with family and friends. Please contact me for an obligation-free appointment to chat about the ceremony that is right for you.

Name Giving

Congratulations on the birth of your precious child. The arrival of a new child in the family is a reason to celebrate, and the tradition of name giving goes back to Greek and Roman times. The ceremony brings the child closer to the family and gives parents, god-parents and grand-parents the opportunity to acknowledge and to declare their love and support for this new individual.

Nature formed you with perfect feet and hands and a heart that beats sometimes non-stop for a hundred years. You were made complete”. A Recipe for Dreaming. Bryce Courtney. By welcoming and naming these precious gifts of life we are saying, we recognise you, we will call you by this name in love. You are one of us. We will be there for you. Name Giving is truly a family event.

Renewal of Vows

A renewal of vows is a beautiful and warming ceremony when a couple, however long or short their relationship, choose to say again those precious vows in front of their family and friends. It is a very happy occasion. It can be a ‘surprise’ occasion when perhaps a family Bar B Q is planned and the celebrant quietly arrives and at the appointed time reveals to the party why she is present. Never be afraid to celebrate your life’s journey and your achievements as a couple as it is significant and important. Make it your event and celebrate it your way, formal, casual, low key, private or with a big party. “May you know nothing but happiness from this day on”. Traditional Irish Blessing.

Commitment Ceremonies

There may be reasons such as religious or cultural why it may not be possible for couples who are committed to each other to marry. Couples may have already married in another country but wish to bring the celebration to their home country and say their vows before family and friends. In those circumstances a commitment ceremony provides that opportunity, and while the ceremony will not have a legal significance, it is enhanced by the presence of a Marriage Celebrant to guide the couple and deliver a meaningful and gracious ceremony.  Similarly for same sex couples, it is an occasion to share the union with family and friends.

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